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Why Today Is The Best Time To Get Vaccinated

In the era where diseases are easily spreading and affecting many lives most especially during this times of the Pandemic, prevention is of utmost importance as vaccine-preventable diseases are costly.

According to the National Foundation of Infectious Diseases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends vaccinations throughout your life to protect against many infections. When you skip vaccines, you leave yourself vulnerable to illnesses such as shingles, pneumococcal disease, influenza, and HPV and hepatitis B, both leading causes of cancer.


Each year, millions of adults get sick from vaccine-preventable diseases, causing them to miss work and leaving them unable to care for those who depend on them, including their children and/or aging parents.


With Vaccines And Vaccination Services PH, we provide high-quality and exemplary services from the name itself. We make sure that proper practices are performed by our health care team. Our services are not limited to walk-in services, but to on-site services may it be at the comfort of your homes or in the workplace. With this being mentioned, neglect of health will no longer be an issue.


Be a part of the movement in disease prevention! Get your vaccines today!

Better Health Starts With You!

Be health conscious and maintain a healthy you! Stay protected this pandemic by taking advantage of our services: 

Vaccination Services

Through our accredited and competent health care professionals, we provide a wide array of both adult and pediatric vaccination services wherever and whenever.

COVID - 19 Prevention Services

With the proper training undergone by our accredited health care professionals, we ensure that we adhere to the proper protocols related in the prevention of the spread of the Coronavirus Disease.

Health Awareness Services

With the everyday research and discoveries in health, our highly-educated health care professionals ensure that our clients are knowledgeable and always updated of all diseases including the different Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPDs).

Vaccine Handling

Our accredited Health Care Professionals ensure that vaccines are properly stored and that the cold-chain process is strictly observed during transportation.

Home Service Booking

We ensure that our clients enjoy a seamless experience when booking for a service with just a touch or a tap of a button.


Our highly-trained Health Care Professionals maintain accurate vaccination recording for the continuity of proper immunization.

Proper Screening
And Testing

Our skilled and properly-trained Health Care Professionals ensure that our clients experience high confidence in their screening and testing methods.

Free Actual

To  guarantee proper continuity of care, our Health Care Professionals provide free consultations to our clients which serves as guides to proper immunization.

Constant Research
And Education

Our knowledgeable Health Care Professionals consistently undergoes research and education to cope up with the rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Why Choose Us

Our clients never go wrong when choosing us as their vaccine associate.

Safe & Secure

We strive to ensure that our clients are 100% safe & secure with us.

24x7 Support
24x7 Support

We practice being client-centered so as to properly connect.

Cost Saving
Low Cost

We value health more. We ensure our clients get their money’s worth.